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All the hardware required to start field work is included in the kit:

Datalogger, a rugged handheld Android smartphone with all software preinstalled. Additional programs can be installed by the owner.

Junction box: connects the MS-2 or MS-3 serial connector to the datalogger via bluetooth. Also powers the MS-3

Remote Trigger (for use with the  MS2D field probe): Attaches to the probe handle allowing measurements to be taken with one hand.

Powerbank: External large capacity battery to charge the Junction box and Datalogger batteries in the field.

Carrying case: Military grade shoulder bag to carry the Junction box, Powerbank, MS-2 or MS-3 and cables. Includes a shield to protect the exposed rear connector on the MS-2.

Transport case: a sturdy, waterproof plastic flight case with foam cutouts for all components.

Plus: All necessary cables and chargers (does not include the Bartington MS-2 or MS-3 to serial cable)


The TerraLoggerMS software has been designed for simple field use with large buttons, audible indications of all operations and clear, function driven operation. The layout has been designed for single handed operation (either left or right) with > 95% of in-survey operations achievable with just one thumb.

It can be used with all MS2/3 sensors though it is primarily intended for the MS2D field survey and MS2H downhole probes.

The system currently supports 7 different modes for collecting data with these probes using combinations of Grid, GPS and Timed interval to position the data.

Mode grid and interval parameters can be user set and saved as templates for repeated use. The modes can be easily extended to cover other collection methods once identified.

User named ‘Site’ folders can be created on the datalogger to support multiple survey locations. Grid, Composite or Core files are automatically numbered within these folders.

Survey files can be transferred to a PC using any Android ‘Share’ method (e.g. Bluetooth, Dropbox, Email, etc.)