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Pricing & Licensing
Educational Discounts
Educational discounts are NOT available for TerraLoggerMS.
We are happy to provide training on the use of TerraLoggerMS, either at your location or here in the Netherlands (very limited facilities). Please Contact DW Consulting for further information.
Send us an email with your details (billing & shipping address, etc), we will issue you with an invoice. Once payment has been made your TerraLoggerMS will be shipped to you.
Please note that though we endeavour to keep a small stock of TerraLoggerMS units available, this is a very small, specialised market and your unit may have to be built to order. This may take a few weeks if components are not in stock.
Bank Transfer: Details required can be found here:
Credit Card: Credit card payments can be accepted for this product, however shipping must be negotiated prior to payment.
Please note that checks cannot be accepted due to the excessive handling charges imposed by the banks.


Price (excluding any applicable taxes)


€1000 / $1180 / £890 / AU$1550


Please note that the price is for the kit only. We are unable to supply the MS2 or MS3 itself, these must be obtained from Bartington or their local representative. The price does not include VAT (if applicable), Shipping or any customs duty that may be charged by your county’s authorities.