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TerraLoggerMS opens up a new field of use for MS-2 and MS-3 users. Long recognised as an outstanding laboratory instrument, the MS-2 and MS-3 magnetic susceptibility meters have however been difficult to use in the field. This kit provides everything needed to transport and use the meters in most environments.

The datalogger’s internal GPS allows accurate positioning of  very large, low resolution, area surveys. If available, high accuracy GPS data from an external source can also be used to position recorded data.

Data is saved as TerraSurveyor or TerraSurveyor3D compatible files. No need to export or import the data, just share the data between the datalogger and your PC and open it. Data can also be saved in simple XYZ format for use with other programs.

Designed to provide a complete data logging system for the Bartington MS-2 and MS-3 magnetic susceptibility meters, TerraLoggerMS includes everything needed to start collecting data in the field. The system consists of both the hardware and the software to store measurements straight to files using any of the MS meters and sensors.

Key Features

Unfortunately, due to continuing problems with sourcing suitable components for the TerraLoggerMS system, Orders are no longer being taken.