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TerraSurveyorLite can only be used with one instrument - either the Grad 601 or the Profiler

TerraSurveyor Lite provides the user of a supported instrument with the majority of processing functions they will need for that instrument’s data at a reasonable cost.

Simple upgrade path to the full version when further features such as support for multiple instruments or publishing becomes necessary.

In many cases the processes are specially developed to handle problems only seen in geophysical data.

Try before you Buy: Download the Trial version and have full access to all features for 30 days.

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TerraSurveyorLite is specifically designed to acquire, assemble, process and visualize 2 dimensional archaeological data gathered with one specific instrument - either the Bartington Grad 601 or the GSSI Profiler. The program is a reduced functionality version of the full TerraSurveyor program. The import/download capabilities are limited to just those applicable to the instrument. The available views are also reduced and the processing functions are limited to the basics.

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