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Last Modified: 11/07/2016 10:18:29

What happened to ArcheoSurveyor?

ArcheoSurveyor is alive and well - and called TerraSurveyor!

The simple answer is that ArcheoSurveyor - and the 3D and Lite versions - have just been renamed. The underlying code and certainly the support and development work involved in the programs is identical to what you are used to in the past.

So why change the names?

ArcheoSurveyor was originally developed with and for the archaeological community, hence it’s ‘Archeo’ prefix. However the instruments and techniques it supports are used in many other industries and fields. We have noticed that the ‘Archeo’ name has become a hindrance to us doing business with these other markets. The decision was therefore taken to change the name to something less market specific.

With the name change, it seemed a good opportunity to freshen up the general appearance of the logos, website and brochures.

Does this mean you are abandoning archaeology?

Far from it! This change will enable us to continue and even improve our support for archaeology.  

The licensing model we use (selling full licenses with free, lifetime support) means that we have to find new customers to survive. The fact is the archaeological community is finite and relatively small. It is only by finding new and larger markets that DW Consulting can continue to operate.

Access and exposure to these new markets will also drive new and advanced enhancements to the programs thus improving the facilities they provide to archaeologists.  

We expect though that the majority of our customers will be from archaeology for a long time. So we certainly won’t be forgetting you!

How do I install TerraSurveyor?

TerraSurveyor should be installed as a new, separate program, this will not affect your current ArcheoSurveyor installation. The first time TerraSurveyor runs it will check to see if ArcheoSurveyor exists on your PC. If found it will try to copy your current preferences, templates and palettes for it’s own use. If it can’t find the preferences file in the default installation folder, it will ask you to show where it is.

You can continue to use ArcheoSurveyor but once the preferences, etc. are copies they will be used separately by each program.