What happened to ArcheoSurveyor?

Please see the dedicated page for this question.

What is the difference between the Trial and Registered version?

There is no actual difference between the Trial and Registered versions of TerraSurveyor or TerraSurveyor3D, both are the same program running on your PC. The difference is determined by the presence of either the Machine Code or Dongle (see below). The Trial version has exactly the same functionality as the Registered version. All the download, import, process and export functions are fully operational. However, in trial mode you will see a 'splash screen' whenever the program is started, some text across the top of the window (or behind the 3D model in AS3D) stating that the program is running in trial mode and most importantly, any graphics printed or saved will be overprinted with the word "TRIAL" in big letters.

Once the 30 Trial period has expired, all Save, Import, Download, Export and Print functions will be disabled. You will though still be able to view and process you data so you can 'play' with the program.  No changes to the data itself can be made when using an expired program.

What are the different licenses?

A range of licensing options are available. The most common is the full license, this type does not expire. There are also limited time: One year or One month leased licenses available. These are ideal for students or Archaeological Societies working on a short project. Please note that for technical reasons Machine Codes are not normally available for the leased licenses. However in special cases monthly leases can be created with a Machine Code. Please contact us for details.  

What is the difference between a Dongle and the Machine Code?

The Dongle is a small USB device, similar to a USB memory stick, that contains special codes in encrypted memory. These codes are read by the program and determine in which mode the program should run. The program continually checks for the presence of the dongle so that it must be present all the time the program is in use. This method is the most flexible as a single dongle can be used on as many PCs as you want. Just install the program on all the PCs and then move the dongle to the one that is to be used.

The Machine Code is an encrypted string of values that are issued by us to a particular PC. The program checks the values against certain serial numbers built into the hardware components of the PC to see if they match. Thus the encrypted string will only unlock one particular PC. The advantage of this method is that no Dongle is needed and so there is nothing to lose or break. However, it can only be used on one PC and upgrades to the PC such as a new Hard Disk may render the license invalid. In this case and with suitable explanations, we are prepared to issue replacement codes, however for obvious reasons we reserve the right to decide whether a license code will be replaced.  

TerraSurveyor says the dongle is not plugged in or not working, even though it is!

Sometimes the drivers for the dongle do install correctly, this seems to occur mostly with Windows 7 Pcs. In this case TerraSurveyor will be unable to see the dongle. There is a separate program available on the website that will install the drivers for the dongle. This will work for all systems. You can download the program by clicking here.

How do I purchase / update a license?

Licenses can be purchased via the Share-It website (using a credit card or bank transfer), transfer direct to our bank or check.  In all cases we strongly advise that you contact us first to ensure that your order is exactly what you need and so that the order is expected and can be handled quickly once received.

Details required for a Bank Transfer:

Beneficiary Bank: ABN-AMRO Bank

Burgermeester Kuntzelaan 29

3771 EP Barneveld

The Netherlands

Swift Code: ABNANL2A

Benificiary Account: *or* IBAN code NL75ABNA0527653020

Name: DW Consulting

Boekweitakker 28

3773 BX Barneveld

The Netherlands

We regret that orders will normally only be sent after payment has been received. This is due to some expensive problems with customers in the past. If your company/organization is unable to accept this arrangement, please contact us and we will find some mutually acceptable solution.

Updates to existing licenses (to extend a Rental period or add products to a license) are done by e-mail. Payment method is the same as with an initial purchase (website, bank transfer or check).  Once payment has been received, a small program will be sent to you by e-mail. Run this program on the PC normally used with the program to be updated, with the dongle plugged in. The program will update the codes in the dongle as appropriate. Note that Rental extensions will have a fixed end date, thus a one month Rental extension paid for on Jan 1st will expire on Feb 1st even if the update program is run on Jan 30th.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.  

What is your update policy?

TerraSurveyor is a continually evolving program. Updates, either to fix minor problems or to introduce new improvements, are released as often as necessary. Normally these will be issued every few months. However, this may be as often as one a week if significant problems are found with a new release, especially if it has unexpected side effects.  

All updates for the foreseeable future are included in the price of all the license types; both Full and Rental, Dongle and Machine Code.

All customers are added to our mailing list and will be informed of updates by email. If you do not wish to receive this information, or would prefer that someone else in your organisation received the information, please contact us. Your records will be revised accordingly.

I have found a problem, what should I do?

Tell us! It does not matter if you are a customer of just a trial user, We are always looking for ways to improve the program. Unfortunately, because of the broad range of computers and instruments TerraSurveyor is used with and the limited field testing facilities available to us, it is inevitable that problems will be found. We have to rely on our customers to do a lot of the testing for us. We realise that this is not the ideal situation but given the small size of the program's user base, it is the only realistic option.

The good news is that we are extremely responsive to our customers. We will always handle any problem you find with the utmost urgency. You will receive our full co-operation in getting a fixed version of the program - or an acceptable work-around as soon as possible. Often this has been done within the hour!    

I have an idea for a new feature or process. Can you add it to the program?

We are always looking for new ideas to improve the program. It is the customers who are using the program in real life situations that have the best impression of what is needed. Of course, whether the idea gets incorporated will depend on a number of factors such as:

impact on the existing program's functionality
feasibility of implementation

applicability to the wider customer base

fit within the goal of the program.

We consider ideas for new features to be common property. There is no charge to you for the work but equally, we do not pay royalties or make acknowledgements to you being the 'owner' of the feature. We assume that all suggestions and improvements are for the common good of the User community.

If you have specific requests that are not for common use (for example a proprietary download protocol for an instrument you make) that you would like to see in the program, we will be happy to discuss the matter with you.