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DW Consulting specializes in developing computer applications that give Archaeological and Near Surface Geophysists all the facilities they need to process their data. Our flagship product: TerraSurveyor, is now used by a wide range of companies and institutions throughout the world. It is recommended by some of the leading hardware manufacturers for use with their instruments.

Our products are known for their ease of use, with many features that simplify the task of processing and managing geophysical data. We also have a reputation for being extremely responsive to customer requests and suggestions; turnaround times of days or hours for new features are not uncommon. The programs continue to evolve and improve as users provide feedback to us.

Designed to provide all processing needed for two dimensional geophysical data. It can download directly from a range of common instruments, import many file formats, assemble grids, apply algorithms specially tailored to geophysical data and present the results ready for publication.

Creates 3D views of data. Originally designed to support the Bartington MS-2 downhole probe system, it has been extended to be suitable for use with many other 3D datasets, such as that produced by preprocessed GPR data and Soil Compression Meters.

A reduced functionality version of TerraSurveyor tailored for use with a specific instrument. Only the Bartington Grad 601 handheld systems are currently supported.

TerraSurveyor TerraSurveyor 3D TerraSurveyor Lite
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Provides a complete field data logging system for the Bartington MS2 and MS3 magnetic susceptibility meters. It includes all hardware and software including shoulder bags, transport case, batteries and cables.