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TerraSurveyor or TerraSurveyor3D directly support instruments or data from these manufacturers

Bartington Instruments Magnetometers & Magnetic Susceptibility meters

Geophysical Survey Systems Inc (GSSI) Electromagnetics & Radar

GeoScan Research Magnetometers & Resistivity meters

Scintrex Magnetometers

Other instruments & sources

Allied Associates   Instrument sales & rental    

GeoMatrix   Instrument sales & rental    

GeoMetrix Magnetometers & Georesistivity

Geonics Electromagnetics

GF Instruments Geophysical instruments & services

Pico Envirotec Magnetometers

SenSys Magnetometers & Dataloggers

Frobisher Resistance meter

Archaeological Prospection. Quarterly Journal, Wiley Interscience.

Geophysical Survey in Archaeological Field Evaluation. (2008) English Heritage.

Handbook of Geophysics in Archaeology. A. Witten (2006) Oxbow Books. ISBN 1-904768-60-1

Magnetometry for Archaeologists. A. Aspinall, C. Gaffney, A. Schmidt. (2008) AltaMira Press. ISBN 0-7591-1106-5

Research & Professional Guideline No 1 Geophysical survey in archaeological field evaluation.  Andrew David, (1995) English Heritage.

Revealing the Buried Past. Chris Gaffney & John Gater, (2003) Tempus Publishing. ISBN 0-7524-2556-0

Remote Sensing in Archaeology: An Explicitly North American Perspective. Jay K. Johnson (2006) University Alabama Press. ISBN 0-8173-5343-7

Seeing beneath the soil. Anthony Clark, (1996) Routledge. ISBN 0-415-21440-8

International Society for Archaeological Prospection

Archaeological Prospection Resources

New Destripe sensor method

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