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Import data from a range of formats including many instrument specific formats including:

TerraLogger MS23

Bartington MS-2H Downhole probe spreadsheet format

GPR_Process (a GPR pre-processing program)

Resistance Tomography Transects

General volume based speadsheets
Apply basic processing of the source data such as Clipping, Low pass filtering.
Total control over applied processes. Parameters and order can be modified at any time.
Viewing features are tailored to the needs of geophysical data. Data can be shown with:

Fences (cross sections through the volume)


Cores (when applicable)

Curtains (for core-based data only)

Ground surface
Additional scenery such as compass arrows, colour scales, axes, etc. are all included but can be extensively modified to suit your requirements.
Save the current view as a BMP, PNG, JPG  or TIFF image.
Animated fly-throughs can be created and saved as movies.
Extensive metadata (description, comments, etc.) saved with the survey.
Default file format is XML to ensure you always have full access to your data in the future.
30 day free trial period with full capabilities (Saved and Printed graphics are overprinted with 'TRIAL').

Ground Penetrating Radar

IMPORTANT: TerraSurveyor3D does NOT process GPR data straight from any instrument. It is designed to present basic volume based datasets with some simple processing such as clipping and H/L pass filtering. It does not perform the complex processing applicable to radar data.

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