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All versions can be used in Trial mode for 30 days after installation. There are no restrictions in the trial mode, you will just see a registration and splash screen during startup and all graphics are overprinted with “TRIAL”.

All updates are included in the price. TerraSurveyor will check for new updates whenever connected to the Internet. If one is found you will be given the option of downloading and installing it automatically.

Current version is 3.0.35 released 1/10/2018

Demo / Full Installation Setup program.

Installs the complete TerraSurveyor application. Includes Palettes and Example Surveys.


In PDF form

Dongle Drivers

Separate program to install dongle drivers in case of problems during normal installation.

OSGB / OSTN Conversion files
(Only applicable to UK users.)

Alows TerraSurveyor to support OSGB36, OSTN02 and OSTN15 position accuracy. Download and unzip to the TerraSurveyor program folder.