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Last Modified: 06/01/2017 17:57:24

Currently two Instrument specific versions of TerraSurveyorLite are available. Each supports only one instrument:

Bartington Grad 601 Fluxgate Gradiometer (Single & Dual Sensor handheld
systems only -
NOT Carts)

GSSI Profiler EMP-400
Make sure you download the version applicable to your instrument!

Apart from the limitations listed below, TerraSurveyorLite has all the same features and functions as TerraSurveyor; the files produced are completely compatible and can be freely interchanged with other versions.
What is missing in the Lite version:

Trace, Delta, 3D, Relief & Publish views (i.e. only Shade, Spreadsheet & Metadata remain)

Single Document Interface (only one composite open at a time)

Macros, Annotations & Masks

All Download & Import formats except from the instrument specifically supported by your version of TerraSurveyor Lite (Direct Download for the Grad601 handheld systems or Import EMI files for Profiler)
All other TerraSurveyor features and functions are present, including:
Drag-and-drop assembly of grids using thumbnail representations of the grid data.  
Site based storage of all source, grid, composite and graphic data.
Simple navigation and selection of Sites and Composites.
Total control over applied processes. Parameters and order can be modified at any time.
Large range of processes available, ranging from Add a fixed value to all data points to advanced 2 dimensional Fast Fourier Transform filtering. All processes have their own simple interfaces.
Save complete survey, in BMP, PNG JPG (hi-res) or TIFF to ensure no loss of data resolution.
Extensive metadata (description, comments, names, dates, etc.) saved with the Composite.
Default file format is XML to ensure you always have full access to your data in the future.
30 day free trial period with full capabilities (Saved and Printed graphics are overprinted with 'TRIAL').
Features & Benefits

TerraSurveyorLite can only be used with one instrument - either the Grad 601 or the Profiler