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Pricing & Licensing
Please make sure you order the correct type of license. TerraSurveyor Lite will only work with a Handheld Bartington Grad 601 single or dual system.
Please note that the GSSI Profiler version of TerraSurveyor Lite is no longer listed as the Profiler is not in production. Please contact DW Consulting if you have a need for this product.
Educational Discounts
Educational discounts are NOT available for TerraSurveyor Lite.
We are happy to provide training on the use of TerraSurveyor Lite, either at your location or here in the Netherlands (very limited facilities). We are also approved by Bartington's to provide training on the Grad 601.  Please Contact DW Consulting for further information.
Bank Transfer: Details required can be found here:
Credit Card purchases can be made via Share-it  
Please note that checks cannot be accepted due to the excessive handling charges imposed by the banks.
To make a credit card payment:
Make sure you have an Invoice number from us before making the payment. Click on the link above to go to the payment page. If you have a European VAT number, make sure you enter this below the address information. Without this you will be charged VAT. Enter the invoice number in the Additional Ordering Information area (after the billing method page).


Price (excluding any applicable taxes)


Bartington Grad 601 - Full license

€750 / $885 / £667.50 / AU$1162.50


Pricing & Licensing