Following on from the success of TerraSurveyor, TerraSurveyor3D has been developed to display 3D data generated by or from a new range of instruments. It can import the data from the files generated by dataloggers or by hand, process the data to enhance the clarity of features, add fences, curtains and isovolumes to visualize those features and allow the user to view the features from any angle. It also supports features such as animation and movie creation.

Please note that TerraSurveyor3D is not part of the main TerraSurveyor program, it is a completely separate program specifically designed from the start to work in 3 dimensions.


Viewing features are tailored to the needs of geophysical data. Data can be shown with:

  • Fences (cross sections through the volume)
  • IsoSurfaces
  • Cores (when applicable)
  • Curtains (for core-based data only)
  • Ground surface


Additional scenery such as compass arrows, colour scales, axes, etc. are all available and can be extensively modified to suit your requirements.

Simple Structures

To aid in visualising any existing surface features or indicating possible features, a number of 3D models can be added to the display. These are very simple cube, sphere and cylinder based models, visually similar to children’s wooden blocks. Eight models are supported:

  • Tree – Round or Conical
  • House – Ridge roof or round hut
  • Hedge or Wall
  • Road
  • Underground pipe


All imported data is stored as XML ASCII files. This means that your data can always be retrieved in the future.

  • The data is stored as source values plus applied processes. Your source is never modified or compromised.
  • When the file is opened, the source data is read and a new version created based on the processes you have applied.
  • The file structure self-documents the data so it could be used by other programs with little effort.

Import data

Import data from a range of formats including many instrument specific formats including:

  • TerraLogger MS23
  • Bartington MS-2H Downhole probe spreadsheet format
  • GPR_Process (a GPR pre-processing program)
  • Resistance Tomography Transects
  • General volume based speadsheets


Save the current view as a BMP, PNG, JPG  or TIFF image.

Animated fly-throughs can be created and saved as movies.

Purchase Options for TerraSurveyor3D


30exc. VAT
  • £26.10
  • US $33


100exc. VAT
  • £87
  • US $110


500exc. VAT
  • £435
  • US $550

Trial version

TerraSurveyor3D can be installed on any PC where it will run in Trial mode for 30 days after installation. There are no limitations or restrictions placed on the program while running in Trail mode except that all images and prints will be overprinted with the word ‘Trial’.

Educational Discounts

An educational discount may be available to Universities, Colleges and Schools using the license specifically for teaching purposes. Please Contact DW Consulting for further information.

Fixed Exchange rates

Fixed exchange rates are offered for British Sterling, US Dollar & Australian Dollar prices. The exchange rate is normally updated just once per year.

License Types

Licenses are normally controlled by a USB dongle. This allows the program to be installed on any number of PCs, but only the PC with the dongle will be unrestricted in it’s operation. Licenses can also be supplied via ‘machine code’. In this case the license is restricted to single specified PC. The license cannot be transferred but does not require a dongle.



Install the program

Includes context sensitive Help.

Program will run in Trial mode unless a dongle or license is present.


35 page PDF manual