A cut-down version of our flagship product TerraSurveyor64. TerraSurveyor64 Lite has all the processing powers of the full program but will only download data from the Bartington Grad 601 magnetometer. In addition the range of available views is limited. There are a few other restrictions detailed below.

What TerraSurveyor64 Lite HAS

The same core functions as TerraSurveyor64:

  • Download (from the Grad 601 Single & Twin handheld systems only)
  • Grid Assembly
  • Processing
  • Viewing (Shade, Spreadsheet & Metadata only)
  • Export & Printing

What is missing

The following features are disabled in the Lite version

  • Import of any data (including from Grad 601 cart based systems)
  • Download from instruments other than the Handheld Grad 601
  • Trace & Delta views
  • Area selection

Purchase Options for TerraSurveyor64 Lite


1000exc. VAT
  • £870
  • US $1100


125exc. VAT
  • £108.75
  • US $137.50

Trial version

TerraSurveyor64 Lite can be installed on any PC where it will run in Trial mode for 30 days after installation. There are no limitations or restrictions placed on the program while running in Trail mode except that all images and prints will be overprinted with the word ‘Trial’.

Educational Discounts

An educational discount may be available to Universities, Colleges and Schools using the license specifically for teaching purposes. Please Contact DW Consulting for further information.

Fixed Exchange rates

Fixed exchange rates are offered for British Sterling & US Dollar prices. The exchange rate is normally updated just once per year.

License Types

Licenses are normally controlled by a USB dongle. This allows the program to be installed on any number of PCs, but only the PC with the dongle will be unrestricted in it’s operation. Licenses can also be supplied via ‘machine code’. In this case the license is restricted to single specified PC. The license cannot be transferred but does not require a dongle.



Install the program

Includes context sensitive Help & sample data sets.

Program will run in Trial mode unless a dongle or license is present.


80 page PDF manual

Full documentation on all processes, features and settings. Includes a short tutorial for use with the sample data supplied with the full install.

Please note this manual is for the Full version of TerraSurveyor64. Features not included in TerrraSurveyor64 Lite will therefore be described.


Only applicable to UK users!

Conversion files needed to work with OSGB36, OSTN02 & OSTN15 georeferenced data.